Friday, February 28, 2014

Filofax Friday and a Mini Haul!

I hit the Target Dollar Spot last week and picked up a few goodies for myself!  And I used most of this haul to decorate this week!  I love the coral polka dot washi.  It's probably my favorite piece from this haul... That, and the "&" stamp.
Here's next week decorated.  I really like how minimalistic it is.  The only stickers I used are the gold heart and the label sticker.  The package they came in has the same stickers in a craft paper.  SO much fun!
And here are my pages with a bit of my schedule in.  I do color code, thus the different colors of ink that you see.  I have a different color for each member of my family, which makes it so much easier to keep track of everyone's schedules.  

I do need to put something under the flags to make it so they stay down better.  Any suggestions?
Thanks so much for stopping by again!

Oh, and just a quick question: I've been tossing the idea around in my head about a YouTube channel...  If you would be interested in watching how I decorate, my setup, and some other things that I do on my blog, please comment!  Thank you!