Monday, February 3, 2014

Make Something Monday: DIY Drawer organizer

This isn't really making something.  It's just putting to use something that one would normally throw away.

I'm ashamed to admit that this is how my bathroom drawers looked this morning.  And, I must be honest.  I only finished one drawer.  I'll do the other one later today.
This is a divider that I got out of a case of beer.  They can be found in other boxes that have glass things in them, too.  I've actually used these all over my house.  I have them in my underwear drawers  and my jewelry box, too.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why there was a bike pump in my bathroom drawer?!
And then there was this mess:

My daughter has a lot of hair ties... And her hair is still too fine to use the larger ones, so we use the little ones that I just toss in the trash when we take her hair out.  They were in a container, but it was a mess.

This is my solution:

I got the little divided container at the dollar store.  I put all of the hair ties that we use on a daily basis in that one, sorted by color.  The other container holds all the bigger hair ties and bobby pins that I will use once my hair grows out again.

Here's the drawer when I finished!  I love how organized it looks.  And believe it or not, it takes a LONG time for it to get back to the state that it was in.  Even with the kids constantly rifling through it.  Now just to keep it this way.

Have a great Monday and a fabulous week!