Friday, February 14, 2014

Filofax Friday

It's Friday again! And Happy Valentine's Day!  And I'm actually ahead of schedule this time!  I was able to make a visit to Staples, and I found some more cute washi.  (It's become an obsession!)  Aren't those bicycles great?
Here's the other page.  And, as you can see, I found my white out! 

We're getting ready to get on the road for a weekend trip to visit family in Idaho.  I'm more than excited.  Our kids are having a sleepover with my parents in their fifth wheel tonight, and my hubby and I are having a night just the two of us!  That's pretty rare, and so I'm really excited about it.  Happy Valentine's Day to me!

The more I use my filofax, the more I love it!  I love how I can just look up a date and I know exactly what I have going on.  My days are getting busier and busier, and although it doesn't look like it now, this week will fill up pretty quickly.
Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!  I hope yours is as filled with love as I know mine will be!