My Filofax

Ah, my Filofax.  I love her.  I haven't named her like so many Filofax users do, but I'm very attached nonetheless.  Here is where you'll find my tips and information on how I use  my filofax and what I use it for.

I have the A5 Domino in Black.  I love it.  The band is stretchy so I can pack her as full as I need to.  This picture makes her look dirty, but really, she's not.
I keep post-its and a picture of my kids in the card slots.  On the fly leaf, there's some post-it flags and a magnetic clip, as well as a couple more sticky pads in case I need to jot something down quickly

All of my dividers are covered with pretty scrapbook paper.  Currently I'm using a tab for each month, and this has been working really well so far.  I used my Dymo label maker for the labels, but I'm definitely going to come up with something that's prettier.

I have Month on 2 pages at the beginning of each monthly section.  I've decorated a bit with some washi tape.

I also use week on two pages inserts, and I actually really like the ones made by filofax.  You can see how I have everything divided, and I use flags to remind me of the things that need to be done daily.  Both of my boys are supposed to read 20 minutes a day, so I have flags to remind me to have them do that.  Once they've completed it, I move their flag to the next day.  I have everything color coded, so I know who needs to do what.  My color is purple, my husband's blue, my oldest son is green, my middle son, orange, and my daughter, pink.  Anything that's for the whole family is written in red.  This week was pretty laid back since the kids are on Christmas break.

This is my BabyDoll's Haven section.  I have a To Do tab here and I list all the things I need to finish as well as when they need to be done.
These are some of my menu flags that I switch out as needed with the ones that are on the bookmark divider I keep in my week on two pages section.  I love this system!  It's really worked well.  I have the meals that we normally eat listed here, and as I'm planning for the week, as well as writing my grocery list, I can swap out the flags.  This way I can see what we have in the cupboards and it really eliminates the "What's for dinner?" question.

This is actually one of my favorite sections.  I've written down some lyrics to some of my favorite songs as well as my favorite quotes and scripture verses.  It helps me to read over these when I'm feeling a little bit down or need some encouragement.

I love Edna Mode! :)

At the back, I have blank note paper.  
My set up has worked really really well for me so far.  I love my iPhone, and it's great for keeping my contacts in, but writing things down in my planner has helped me feel so much more organized and on top of things.