Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tip Tuesday (A5 Paper)

I've written quite a bit about my filofax.  I love it.  I use it every day, all day long.  The one thing that is difficult about it is that the inserts are paper size A5.  It's not a huge deal, and I use the Filofax Week on Two Pages inserts for my everyday planning, but there are so many printables out there so you can customize your filofax to fit your specific needs.  I have printed several things, but was getting frustrated by the paper size.  I have a personal paper cutter, but it doesn't do more than two sheets at a time.
On the Philofaxy Facebook page, I asked if anyone knew where in the US to buy A5 paper.  I did get some suggestions, but the best one (in my opinion) was to go to an office supply store, buy a ream of paper, and have them cut it to the A5 size.  It was $5 more for them to cut it for me, but I was able to find the paper weight that I wanted, and now I have 1000 sheets of A5 paper.
My printer does have a setting for A5 paper, so I just popped it in, and printed this cute "Important Date" printable from Organise with Katie on Etsy.

I used my new hole punch from Rakuten to punch my holes.  I love this thing!  It's adjustable, so it'll punch just about any size of paper that I need.

And it's in my Filofax!  Now to fill it in!
I hope this tip helped!  Happy Tuesday!