Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 10

I love this quote:

It's SO true!  And such a good thing to remember...

1. I'm thankful for my new embroidery machine.  I'm having so much fun with it and have so many ideas running through my head that it's kept me up at night!
2. Reimbursement checks.
3. Serenity.  This is an essential oil blend that I just ordered, and it's wonderful! It really helps me relax at night.
4. Homemade coffee creamer.  For the recipe, see this post.
5. Warmer weather
6.  For dr. appointments.
7. Big dreams and decisions to make.  I'm contemplating re-opening my Etsy shop.  I still haven't completely decided whether or not to do it yet, though.
8.  Dance competitions.
9.  Flowers and chocolate from my husband after a hard day.
10.  For my new hop punch for my Filofax.  It's awesome and it makes everything so much easier!  I got it here: Rakuten
11.  My new cleaning schedule.  I found this on Pinterest, and I love it so far!  (And so does my house)  Here's the link for the printable: Pinterest
12.  Glasses adjustments
13.  Sunshine!  FINALLY!
14.  That I don't have to wear my heavy winter coat to set foot outside!
15.  New shoes.  Both my boys got new shoes yesterday and they both think they're Olympic runners now.
16.  Haven's sleepy eyes first thing in the morning.
17.  Quick snacks
18.  The "Force."  I was sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks yesterday, and Asher is convinced he used the force to make the car in front of us move. :)
19.  Flowers from my Jay-man.
20.  GREAT days at school!  Jay struggles with staying in his seat and keeping his mouth closed.  He had an AMAZING day yesterday!  I'm so proud of him!