Monday, March 10, 2014

Make Something Monday (Embroidery & Bandana Bibs)

I spent a good portion of the day on Saturday down at Haven's dance studio, embroidering names on the team's competition bags and jackets.   They turned out so well!  Here's Haven's bag:
And her jacket:
They say "Synergy Dance Company" on the backs, while the bags have it printed on the sides.  I'm LOVING my embroidery machine, and I'm learning so much.  Especially patience.  I never realized how long it would take to pick out a design if you mess it up right towards the end...  I've since learned that I can save myself if I had a different type of interfacing.  I plan on getting some ASAP.

I've also been working on some Bandana bibs to take down to the boutique.  I found some really fun fabric, including this one:

I just love the little mustaches!  The bibs attach at the back with snaps.  They're absolutely adorable!

Have a fabulous Monday!  I plan to!