Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday, week 12

Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite day to blog.  I LOVE looking over all my "thankfuls."  It just sets the tone for a great day!

1.  Sleepless nights.  An odd thing to be thankful for?  Well...
2.  Problems solved.  I couldn't figure something out.  It was driving me crazy.... To the point that I couldn't sleep last night.  But, hey, at 3 AM, the answer was there!
3.  Improved grades for both of my boys.
5.  Time off of school!
6.  Haven's fashion sense.  Check her out:
Those are leg warmers she has around her calves.  Awesome.
7. Parent/Teacher conferences.  It's so good to know exactly where my kids are at and how they're doing.
8.  Rental cars.  I had to get one last weekend when I went down to ID, and it was just nice to have something reliable and that got excellent gas mileage for the weekend!
9.  St. Patrick's Day recitals.

Jay had a ball!  And St. Patrick's Day is his favorite day because not only does he get to wear all the green he wants, but everyone else wears green, too!  
10.  To Do lists.  It just feels so good to check those things off.
11. Ceiling fans
12.  The weekend is almost here!
13.  Funny videos.
14.   Jay's FINALLY enjoying reading. (sometimes)
15. It's the first day of Spring!
16.  Jim's strength and stability.  I'm really blessed in the husband that I have.
17.  Fundraisers
18.  Lined clips.
Yes, these things.  When I'm making bows, they save me SO MUCH TIME!  I love that I can buy them already lined and I don't have to do it myself anymore!
19.  Picnics.
20.  Home sweet home.  I <3 home!