Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Week 13

I've been a little under the weather this week, so it's been  a bit more difficult to stay positive.  But, hey, I think it's during the times that one doesn't really feel thankful that more effort should be directed toward being thankful.  Even when it's tough.

1.  Book lights.  I found one for my oldest son at the Dollar Tree, and he loves it.  I'm just glad to find something for him that gets him to read more.
2.  Blossoms on my tree.
Aren't they pretty?  Yay for Spring!
3.  Singing toothbrushes.  Seriously, why didn't they make those when I was a kid?  I think I may buy one for myself so I can rock out while I'm brushing my teeth.
4.  Washi tape.  I love the stuff.  And it's quickly becoming an obsession.  Here's my small collection:

5.  Mango lotion.  O.P.I. makes some that is absolutely amazing.
6.  A messy kitchen.  My family is fed and happy, my sink is full, and my counters have crumbs on them.  And it's a reminder that we are provided for.
7.  The periodic table. (this one is personal.  Only my husband will know why I'm thankful for it.)
8.  Inside jokes. 
9.  That Jay looks out for Asher at school.  Apparently he sees Asher's teacher everyday at lunch and asks her how the Asher-man did that day.
10.  BBQ weather!  We're having our first barbecue of the season on Saturday. 
11.  Swiffer.  
12.  Positive comments.
13.  Lessons in being on time.
14.  Gifts given.
15.  My laid back Asher-man.  I love how easy going that boy is.  
16.  Packages in the mail.
17.  My paper shredder.
18  Spring decor.  I put away all my winter decorations and put up all my spring time things.  It's so cheery in here now!
19.  Pretty paper.
20.  Colored pens.  
The last two are of course regarding my Filofax.  I'm finding it to be a constant companion, and I love making it pretty. 

I hope you all have a great day and are finding things to be thankful for.  The joy is in the journey!