Friday, March 21, 2014

Filofax Friday~ More Paper Adventures.

So, I decided to try a Day per Page layout, with times listed on the sides, because I was finding that with my Week on Two Pages, things would get lost in all the other stuff I had written down.  Even with my color coding.
I found a layout that I really liked from the Philofaxy blog.  Here's the link:
Even though I have A LOT of A5 paper cut, I wanted to see how it works printing on regular letter paper.  Let me tell you, it was an adventure.  One I lost sleep over.  One which my husband laughingly calls "pathetic."
There are some amazing tutorials on how to print double sided.  My printer has that function.  I can get things to print double sided without an issue.  But to print booklet style?  No go.  I literally spent hours trying to get it to work.  I read numerous tutorials.  But, I didn't see any that were for my particular issue.
I even called Staples to see how much it would cost to have them print it for me.  And it really wasn't that much, (Around $20.) But, seeing that I had the ink and the paper and the hole punch... I just couldn't justify spending the money when I had everything I needed to print them here.
I had downloaded them in Word, and had everything all laid out how I wanted, but it just wouldn't work.
I had my husband try for a while.  He couldn't get it.  Finally, I just decided to give it up for the night, but I couldn't get my brain to turn off.  I just knew there had to be a way to do it! Page ranges!
 So, as I was supposed to be sleeping, it finally came to me.  At 3:30 AM.  I really should've just gotten up and tried it right then and there, but I talked myself into waiting until morning.  Which, was probably a bad idea, because I STILL couldn't go to sleep.
Anyway, when I got up, I was still pretty fuzzy headed even after my second cup of coffee... I had to write down my page ranges.

And adjust my printer settings:

I DID IT!  And I like the page per day so far.  We'll see how it all works out!  I hope this helps someone else.