Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Office redo/reorganization

Warning: Photo Heavy Post!  This is my office yesterday morning... The disaster that was...  It was so hard to work in it... And I really didn't have enough desk space.  I had an L-shaped desk, and a folding table that I used for my sewing machine.  And, as I'm getting another machine this weekend, (an embroidery machine!) I seriously needed to make more room...

I showed you pictures of the desk I built yesterday.  So far, I'm LOVING it!  The surface space is amazing, and I really like the height of it.
Here's a panoramic view of my office/ craft room:

I moved my bookshelves to the other side of the room.  I store my fabric, and my patterns here as well as the embellishments that I use of my hair bows and such.

And Baxter's bed.  Which is made from an old army ammunition box.  I love it.  He sleeps in it maybe once every 3 months.  You can also see my fold down ironing board.  I plan on recovering it ASAP.

Another view of my amazing new desk.  I even have room for my TV on it.  It was previously hung on the wall, and although I could hear it, I could only see it if I turned a certain way. The only thing I don't particularly care for is the fact that you can see all my computer cords hanging all over the place... I need a solution for that, STAT.

The right side of my new desk.  I've got various paper supplies and scissors under here.  With plenty of room to spare!

Here's the left side!  My Cricut, paints, and other paper cutting supplies.

And the shelving above my desk.  As I said yesterday, the wall organizers are made from the front of the kids' crib.  I love it.  It still has their little teeth marks on it.  I keep my ribbon and all my Cricut cartridges here.  The shelving was a Craigslit find last year.  I decided to use them for more decorative purposes than before.  I previously just had all the little things that I didn't want the kids to get to on them.  This looks much better.  And looking at the things up there just makes me happy.

I put my folding table as well as an old one a grabbed from the garage in an L-shape on the other side of my desk.  It's perfect for a sewing area, and I have plenty of room for my new machine!  The bulletin board has some favorite pictures on it, as well as some things that the kids have made for me.

The view from the sewing area.

And the other side of my window.  I love this wingback chair!  I plan on recovering it very soon.  Baxter likes it, too.  
You can also see my antique dress form.  Vintage 1940s.  I love it.

There you are!  I'm so happy with how this turned out.  Let me know if you have any questions!  And feel free to pin or share!  Thanks for reading!