Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 8

I really need to be better about writing things down as I'm thankful for them...  It would make it much easier on me than trying to come up with 20 things every Thursday.  I'm going to make a note in my filofax to try to remember daily.

1.  New Tires!  on our trip down to Idaho, we had a flat.  I'm so thankful that it didn't blow out.    It looked like a part of a chain punctured the tire.  There was a pretty good sized hole in it.
2.  That my finger isn't broken.  The other day I was doing my dishes, and it sounded like something was stuck in my disposal.  I turned it off, but didn't wait quite long enough for it to stop spinning before I stuck my hand in it.  (oops!)  My acrylic nails definitely protected my finger from being cut and or broken.  It chipped my nail, and my finger is sore, but not broken... Then later the same day, I was helping move my new china hutch in the house, and a smashed the same finger against the door jamb.  It's pretty bruised and swollen, but, again, not broken.
3.  My new china hutch.  And the pretty dishes inside of it.  Isn't it gorgeous?

4.  I LOVE the light inside of it.  It's so pretty!
5.  My kids' developing sense of humor.  It's fun to hear their wit and how they tease each other.
6.  My dolls.  We got them out of storage while we were in Idaho.  I still don't have an idea what to do with them, but they make me smile.
7.  Good visits with old friends.  It was nice to see them, and I love how we can pick up where we left off.
8.  Sports cards.  This is my oldest son's new hobby.  It's great to see him flip through his book, and I love how excited he gets over them.
9.  Spray paint.
10.  My finished mudroom!  It looks awesome!  And the kids LOVE it!  They each have their own cubby, and it's just perfect!

11.  The trampoline park! FUN, fun, fun!
12.  That I can SEE!  I just got glasses for the first time in my life, and it's so nice to be able to see again!
13.  My new desk organizer!  I got a new thing to put all my filofax supplies in.  I'll show pictures tomorrow!
14.  The toys that are always on my floor.
15.  Little hats
16.  Four-10-hour days.  My husband's new schedule.  I love that he has every Friday off!
17.  Costco
18.  Good deals on cute little hamster houses
19.  Asher's new clock.  My sister-in-law got it for him, and it's the only one that will actually wake him up!
20.  Straw bowls.  My kids each have one for their cereal, and they're awesome.

Being thankful is such an easy thing to do when you think about it.  And it makes such a big difference in your life!  The joy is in the journey!