Friday, January 3, 2014

Filofax Friday

I'm going to *try* to do a Filofax every Friday.  I'm excited to show you my first.  Since my tour, see post here: I've added this section:
I cut out some regular notebook paper and printed some sayings about being thankful.  I'll be able to keep my list of "thankfuls" with me so I'll always have it.

I was also SO excited to discover that I'm made the last Web Finds for 2013 on  Check it out!  #19, baby!

I just finished decorating my pages for next week.  I don't get too fancy, just some washi tape her and there.  I love the leopard print with the silver glitter, though!  So pretty!

The kids start back to school next week and all their extracurricular activities resume.  Life is about to get crazy again!

You can see my menu planner as week as my list of resolutions here.  This way as I'm looking over my week, I have these right in front of me so I don't forget.  This is such a great reminder for my resolutions!
And this is the printable that I printed out from Ann Voskamp's site,  and you can get one here:
There's even different colors to choose from!  I absolutely love it!  And my resolutions are written on the back of it.
I haven't filled in very much of my schedule yet... Next Friday I'll take an "after" shot so you can see my pages after they've been all crazified with that which is my life.
I need to get some little leopard stickers...  Any fellow Filofax users have a good resource for cute stickers?