Monday, January 27, 2014

Make Something Monday. DIY cell phone cover

So, I love my iPhone.  I'm also fairly careful with it.  But I drop it. A lot.  So, I need a cover for it.  I grabbed a clear plastic cover from Hobby Lobby for $2 and decided to customize it.

These were the scrapbook papers that I grabbed.  Some of my favorite things... Music notes, purple damask, and a vintage looking Paris themed print.

I traced around this decal that I bought with the cover.  I thought I could use them together, but I don't really like the idea of sticking something to the back of my phone, and the sparkles didn't fit under the plastic cover.  Bummer.  But, good template.

I also used the decal for a template when I cut out the camera lens hole with an exact knife.

Here's what they look like finished.  I used my one inch circle punch to cut out the hole in the damask one.  I like how the apple shows through.

Voila!  SO cute!  And fun!  I can change them whenever I want.  The possibilities are endless!

I've already changed it twice.

In other news:
My daughter brought one of her dollies to me this morning with a major issue:  When you put her hat on, it bulged on one side.  Tragic!  So, I fixed it with a cute little flower.  First I stitched it to the hat...

Then glued a cute flower button on it.  Adorable!  And the little miss is happy!

Have a fabulous Monday!  I plan to!