Monday, January 6, 2014

Shirt Refashion

For Make Something Monday, I decided to redo one of my husband's shirts.  I really enjoy refashioning clothes.  It's SO much fun, and it's FREE!  (If you already own the clothes, anyway)  This is a XXL button up that my husband doesn't wear any more.
Thanks, Babe, for taking the pic!  This is the only one that he was home for, so I couldn't use his mad picture taking skills on the rest of them.

I put the shirt on my dress form inside out, and buttoned it up.  Then, I pinned away!

After I was done pinning, I tried it on just to make sure it fit before I sewed it up.

I LOVE my dress form.  It's a vintage adjustable dress form from the 1940s.

After I sewed up where I had pinned, I cut the extra fabric off.  I really like doing it this way simply because if the shirt is too tight or I don't like how it fits, I can just rip out the seams, and redo it, without having to worry about losing fabric.

Sorry about the bad selfies!  Like I said, my husband is at work, and I dare not trust my four year old daughter to take a decent picture. :)
It looks really cute belted like this with a pair of leggings.

The sleeves are dropped for a more relaxed look.  I didn't take the shoulders in at all.

Yes, I had to stand on my bathtub to try to get a full pic.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do...
I threw an oversized sweater over it, and I'll wear my boots with my leggings.  Super cute and comfy!  I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would!  What do you think?