Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This is week 4, which already puts me at 100 thankfuls!  I love keeping my list.  And the more I'm thankful, the easier it is to find things to be thankful for.

1. Late night snuggles.  The last couple of nights, my youngest has had a really hard time sleeping, which means she's been in bed with us.  Although it makes it almost impossible for me to sleep, I really do cherish the snuggles.  And the way she has to be touching me is really adorable.
2. That we finally know that we're moving.  It's been a long time coming.  And it's been hard for me not to say anything on social media.  I hate not knowing.  So, to know that we're moving, even thought it's going to be such a huge change for us, is big for me.
3.  For friends and family already there.  In the last few months, one of our friends from church moved back to where she grew up.  And, go figure, it's the same area that we're moving.  Not only that, but my brother and sister-in-law just moved to NC, which will only be a few hours from us.
5.  I love to plan.  And right now, I'm planning a 4+ day road trip with 3 kids and 3 pets.
6.  I'm thankful for my mother-in-law's job.  It's currently giving us discounts as we travel across the country.  I heart discounts.
7.  Ice cream with my guy.
8.  Moving companies.  I'm thankful that we'll be working with one this time.  And that they may be packing us.  Keeping my fingers grossed for that one.
9.  For the awesome landlord that we've had while living in this house.
10.  Lavender and Melaleuca essential oils.  In the last month, my kids have had croup, ear infections, and pink eye.  I haven't had to take them to the doctor.  These amazing oils have cleared things up, and faster than any antibiotic that we've ever used.  For more information about the oils, please contact me!
11.  Medallions.  I make these for a local boutique, and I love how quickly they sell!
12.  Feathers and rhinestones.  I love making pretty things out of them!  Hair accessories for dancers... So pretty!
13.  That my brother and sister-in-law are no longer out of the country.
14.  Ceiling fans.
15.  Frosty mornings.  I realize that after we move, these will probably not happen as often as they do here in the Northwest.
16.  Plans coming together.  We have a route!
17.  For Pinterest.  Here's the link to my " The Big Move" board.  It's got all kinds of moving tips as well as road trip tips.  I'll be updating it on almost a daily basis over the next 3 weeks.
18.  For creative friends.  One in particular.  She suggested that I laminate a map of our route for each of my kids and give them each a dry erase marker to track our route while we're driving.
19.  For texts from my husband just to say "I love you."
20.  For pug videos.  I came across this one this morning.  Absolutely adorable!

What are you thankful for this week?