Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wife After God Book Review.

I was recently asked to review a marriage devotional by Jennifer Smith.  I took a bit longer than 30 days to review it, because on the weekends, I would forget (oops!) to do it.

Some of the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed were that it gave you a status update to post to social media every day.  I loved the journaling part of it.  It also had different challenges for you that would benefit your marriage.  I still have a few to finish, such as writing a love letter to my husband, but for the most part, the challenges were simple and encouraging.

Jennifer, (the author) is very personable and easy to understand.  She gives examples which are relatable in any marriage.  It's a Biblically based book that includes prayers for you and your spouse and sound advice for when you're going through a tough time spiritually.

Overall, the book was easy to apply to my marriage and my walk with God.  For more information,
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Happy Tuesday!