Friday, April 11, 2014

Filofax Friday

Happy Friday!  I hop your week has been as good as mine was.  I LOVED having my boys home for Spring Break, but we were all ready to go back to our routine.  This week was fairly busy, and we've and something going on almost every night.  We enjoy being so busy, but it does make for a rushed dinner hour, and most evenings we don't get to eat together as my husband gets home from work about the same time that the rest of us are rushing out the door to our various activities.
I'm becoming more and more reliant on my Filofax, though.  The busier we get, the more thankful I am that I have it and that I can see everything that we have planned at a glance.
Here's last week's pages:  Ignore the labels on them, please.
Sunday & Monday
These have got to be some of my all time favorite pages!  I love anything Paris inspired, so this was just perfect for me!  My only regret is that I only got to look at them for two days!
Tuesday & Wednesday

Thursday & Friday
This one was so much fun!  If you look closely at the "Caution" tape, it says, "Caution Hot! Caution Fabulous!" etc.  The other washi women in dresses.  SO cute!

Saturday & Sunday
Our boys have their first baseball game tomorrow, so I added a couple of baseballs.  Unfortunately, I didn't have many sports themed stickers, and no sports themed washi at all.  I may have to remedy that, ASAP.

Have a wonderful weekend!