Friday, April 4, 2014

Filofax Friday

Our weekends start with Friday since my husband is home from work.  Not only that, but this week was fairly event-less since my kids had Spring Break.  I've included pictures of my day per page layout and decorations for the week.  Enjoy!
For Friday & Saturday, I used these owl stickers I found at the Dollar Tree along with some that were sent to me in a RAK.

The pink washi is from the Dollar Tree, and the polka dot is from a package of 30 small rolls that I found at Target.  Not much on the schedule!

The finished product

Monday and Tuesday.  I found the black chalkboard stickers at the Target Dollar Spot, and I used a silver marker to write on them.  I love how it looks!


Here's my Month on Two Pages view.  April Showers!  You can see all my color coding and my repeating appointments here.  I refer to these whenever I'm planning my daily pages.

I've been seriously contemplating getting a personal size Filofax.  I love my A5, and my only concern is that I won't have the room that I need.  The Personals just coming in so many more colors!  I find myself turning green with envy over anything in the purple color range.  I love the new Lavender Patent Original!  Any thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend!  I plan to!