Monday, April 21, 2014

Make Something Monday: DIY Makeup Remover

I seriously LOVE this stuff.  It works just as well as the spendy stuff, (I was using Philosophy brand) and it's only a couple of dollars to make.  It just takes a second to mix everything up, and I'm all for easy!  So, with ease and affordability, this is a win, win!

I did add a little more baby oil, because I wear waterproof makeup. (Both mascara and eye liner)  The baby oil is awesome for taking it off!  And it doesn't bother my eyes at all.

I bought this little bottle at the Dollar Tree.  Perfect for this!

My eye after a long day, and a night of very little sleep.  I usually take my makeup off before bed, but I was too tired last night.  Shame on me, right?

See?  Works like a charm!

Makeup free!

Have a Happy Monday!!