Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday Week 14

You may have noticed my absence this week.  Sorry about that.  It's Spring Break, so I've been relaxing.  Really relaxing.  And it's been nice.

1.  How Asher "carves" paper in the paper shredder.  (That's what he calls it.)
2. Spring Break.
3.  Extended family.  Some of my cousins came to visit from out of town last weekend.  It was so much fun!  And just GOOD to spend time together.
4.  Childhood toys. Haven has discovered a few of my Barbie toys and she loves playing with them as much as I did.
5.  Baby noises.  My cousin has 3 boys, and they are all absolutely adorable!  It was so much fun to have little ones that are smaller than mine around!
Luca giving Haven a hug.
6.  Baseball season!  My crazy time has begun!  Both boys are in baseball.  Thankfully, they're on the same team this year, so that'll definitely make it easier.  Last year, practices and games were at the same time and in different places quite frequently.  This should be much better.
7.  Board games.  We had a blast learning to play "Settlers of Catan" and using the expansion packs.  Good times.

8.  Easy weeks.  This week has been such a relaxing one.  I haven't had much to do or had to go many places, and I really needed some down time.
9.  Dandelions!  Haven keeps bringing me these "flowers".  I have several in a vase on the counter right now.
10.  Games of tag.
11.  Coloring boxes.  I'll do a post about these next week, but they've been really nice!
12.  Friends to laugh with.  (April Fools' Day was yesterday.  Need I say more?)
13.  Flavored water.  I've recently given up drinking soda completely, and I love carbonated flavored water.  I've been drinking a lot of it.  Not only is it better for me, but I feel a lot better, too!
14.  Past tense.  Doterra's headache blend.  This stuff is literally a life saver.
15.  Sleeping in.
16.  Jay's persistence.  This boy.  He doesn't know when to stop.  But, hopefully as he grows he won't lose his persistence, he'll just apply it to the things which he should.
17.  Lots of play time.
18.  My Christian education.  I've been really thankful for the books that I read about different church leaders and people that have made an impact in the Christian world lately.  Good old A.C.E. curriculum.  I didn't think I'd appreciate reading about John Wesley, John Calvin, D.L. Moody, and Corrie Ten Boom, but I really, really do.
19.  Baxter's snoring.  This little dog can out-snore a grown man.  It's ridiculous.
20.  3 Day weekends!  My husband works 4 ten hour days, so today is his last day of work for the week.  I love that we have an entire extra day to spend together!

I'd like to know who else is keeping lists of "thankfuls."  If you are, or would like to start, please leave me a comment!  I would also challenge you to read "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp.  This book changed my perspective on life.  It's SO good.  You can purchase it here:

There are links to the book in every format there!  It will change your life!  
Have a fabulous week!