Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Week 20

We have company right now, and I absolutely love having them here.  My Mother-in-Law, my sisters-in-law, my brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew are visiting for a couple of days.  
1.  I'm really thankful for the way my inlaws raised my husband.  He helps so much around the house.
2.  Good deals.
I got this sticker maker for $1.98!  
 3.  Vinegar.  I use vinegar in almost all the cleaning products that I make.  It's awesome stuff.
4.  God's Promises.
5.  Days off of school.  We let our boys stay home from school so they could play with their cousins today.
6.  Donuts.
7.  Stickers
8.  Visits from family.
9.  My super star!
I'm so proud of you, Jay!
10.  Flowers
11.  Bug habitats.  Jay and some of his buddies made a habitat for some pill bugs.  They even named them.
12.  Dollar Store finds
13.  Paper cutters.
14.  Bubble refill station.
This is full of bubble solution.  That way when the kids run out, they can just fill back up!
15. Possible overtime for my husband.  Though I hate the time spent apart, overtime definitely helps the paycheck!
16.  Mozart
17.  The smell of old books.
18.  Time spent together.
19.  Cleaning
I convinced Haven to play "maid" with me.
20.  Cinderella.

The game lasted all of 5 minutes.  She transferred into a princess. :D