Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Week 18

I just opened my office window at 8 AM to feel the fresh air and listen to the birds chirping.  I absolutely LOVE spring.  I love the morning air!

1.  The 80 degree weather we've been having.
2.  Haven dressing up my dress form.
This was only the beginning.  When she was done, there was also an apron and a tutu on it.  It was fabulous.
3.  Etsy.  I'm thankful to have a place outside the boutique to sell the things I make.
4.  Learning to make new things.  I love to challenge myself.  The dress that I recently made was just that: a huge challenge.  There was no pattern, and  I completely underestimated how much brain power it would take for me to put the dress together.
5.  Busy weekends.
6.  Nights out with the girls.
7.  Special days to remember things from the past.
8.  Gorgeous fabrics.
9.  That I have things to give to others.
10.  That it's May FIRST!
11.  My best friend ~ My husband.
12.  manicures.
13.  Good advice from those more experienced than I.
14.  Pinterest tutorials.
15.  Drunken donuts.  One of our local restaurants serve these, and they are A-mazing!
16.  Dark chocolate Hershey kisses.
17.  Friends' good ideas.
18.  Rainbows.

This kind.  Made by my oldest son.
19.  Rushed mornings.
20.  Praising in the storm.  This picture spoke so much to me:... And now I can't find it. :(  It was a picture of some of the devastation from the recent midwest tornadoes that had a sign laying on top of the wreckage with the words, "I will praise You in this storm." written on it in red spray paint.  It just was encouraging to me that someone who had possibly lost so  much would still look up and praise.  Just so cool...  I hope my attitude reflects the same thing.

Have a fabulous Thursday!