Friday, May 9, 2014

Filofax Friday

It's been a fairly productive week.  I rearranged my office/craft room, and have all my Filofax/planning supplies on one side of the room, and all my sewing supplies and fabric on the other.  I'm loving my new setup so far.

Here's a view of my some of my paper crafting supplies that are stored on a shelf beside my desk.
On to this week's pages:
Sunday and Monday I didn't decorate.  Can you believe it?  And my pages just look stark.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Cats. I love these stickers.  They're so cute. 

And Thursday and Friday.  My boys have a baseball game this evening, and they're very excited about it because they get to play under the lights.  They're in Coach Pitch, so something like a lit-up field is very exciting when you're 6 and 7 years old.  It's going to be fun one to watch!

To finish things up, I thought I'd show you where I do my planning and decorating:

Have an absolutely amazing weekend!