Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Week 24 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAY!!

My Little Man is eight today.  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by!  I'm so thankful for him, and today's Thankfuls are all going to Jay!
1. For the smile you bring to my face every day!
2.  That you're THE best big brother!

3.  You're a great friend!  And your friends LOVE you!

4.  You don't let others pull you along.   You're definitely one of a kind!

5.  For breakdancing.  That you're not afraid to "get down" anywhere.  
6.  I love your confidence!
7.  Your love for God and others grows everyday, and I love the way you show others.
8. You're always thinking of other people, making things for them, and looking for ways to be giving.
9.  On the day you were born, I became what I always wanted to be: Mommy.  

The nurses at the hospital teased me because I wouldn't put you down.  I love you, Little Man!

10.  That you look like your daddy.  So handsome.  I'm thankful that you have the example of a man who loves God and loves his family.  I know you'll grow up to be just like him.

11.  You're always taking care of other people.

12.  Your are SO persistent!  You don't give up, and that's SUCH A GOOD THING!  I pray that it always serves you well.
13.  That you think of your little sister and love her so much.  I may not mean a lot to her now, but I promise when she gets bigger she will appreciate it more than you know!
14.  You're a natural leader.  
15.  The color green.  You love green, and have it on, most days.  Here's to looking like a pickle!
16.  You have so much energy.  You never stop.  I know that you're out of bed in the morning when I hear you running down the hall.  
17.  You can always make me laugh.
18.  The way you try to include your brother in everything.

19.  The love you have for music.  From wanting to be a rock star, or a DJ, or a breakdancer.  You can do them all!

20.  That I get to be your mom.  God knew what he was doing when he gave you to me.  I love you, so much, little man!

Happy, happy, birthday!